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Important information about this site

This website is a public service brought to you by the Saafenet Corporation.We are not looking for donations or public support of any kind. The purpose of this website is to offer its   viewers information on safety when using the Internet and a list of Internet sites suitable by age group.

Why this website should be for you

Two-thirds of what’s online is pornography, beheadings, discussions on drugs, and other websites some of us might think are bad.   Grandma SN doesn’t want her five-year-old grandson landing on a porn site, or her 13-year-old granddaughter landing on a nude webcam modeling site.   And, you don’t want your grandma becoming a victim of a romance scam because she’s lonely.  There are many websites online that offer points on Internet Safety.  There are others that describe great places to visit on the Internet.  None offer both.  So this is your website, and we hope you tell your friends to pay Grandma a visit.

The only way this list may remain current and usable for everyone is for you to leave your recommendations and/or concerns.  Thanks for visiting our free website and we hope you will tell your friends about it so Grandma SN can get their opinions too.  This is a volunteer public service offered by the Saafenet Corporation to make the Internet a useful and safe place for everyone by promoting Internet Safety. To get started please make a selection from the main menu at the top left of the screen or the light blue hyperlinks on this page.

If you want to know about Internet safety click here:  Safety Tips.  Or you can use the main menu to the upper left to see what Grandma SN has to say.   Be certain you don’t miss all the other great info at this site.  This is so much more than a listing of good and bad websites.  If you have a real story,  about any experience on the Internet, let us know and we will post it and give you credit on our post page.  Who knows how your suggestion may help someone else?

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