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The Saafenet Corporation has decided to launch a web site that will be absolutely free to visitors whom we hope will help Grandma SN to develop a list of quality versus questionable website’s. This page is about us and describes both the origin and our future plans for this site.   The Saafenet Corporation is a distributer of  computer equipment and literature helping people who thought they could never open their own businesses acquire the means of doing so.

This website is an outgrowth of the marriage of these complementary offerings and how they impact the public.  People who choose to go into business have to have a computer to do so.  Our business literature, explains how anyone can raise money he doesn’t have to pay back.  One of the initial purchases we recommend is a micro computer.  That micro computer will provide the purchaser with Internet access.  Our main operation is the sale of both new and used computer systems, which also provide the purchaser with Internet access.

No matter if a person acquired the computer as a part of his aspiration to open his own business, or made the purchase for an existing business, he would likely have family and friends.  He and those family and friends need to know about us and Internet safety.   For this reason we have developed Grandma SN’s Lists.

Entries to either list will come from visitors who have found appropriate sites for children, teens adults and senior citizens to visit, and would like to share their findings with the world. Visitors will also recommend websites they feel would be inappropriate for children teens and seniors.

Adults and seniors would of course be able to decide for themselves which websites are appropriate for them, but need to know about websites they may want to block through the use of their browsers, or even consider acquiring content control software for, to prevent the possibility inappropriate websites are being viewed at their houses. Grandma SN has provided hyperlinks to the websites she feels are worth visiting, but doesn’t want kids to know how to get to websites you and she feel may be negative.