If you would like to know more about Internet safety, please click on these words, safety for children, teens, adults, or senior citizensor click on the down arrow on Grandma SN’s Internet safety tips on the menu on the left.

The Internet has changed the way everyone from small children to senior citizens deal with information and communications, creating a need for everyone to be concerned with Internet safety.  But, the Internet has also made research, paying bills, shopping and social interaction more convenient and the planet a smaller place.   And, what remains can be useful and friendly and is actually the largest collection of information gathered in one place in the history of mankind.   But, your ventures on the Internet should be made with safety in mind.

No one can identify every possible safe or dangerous website on line,   There are literally millions of blogs and websites online.  And they come and go every minute.   So Grandma SN asks that you please leave us your ideas of sites you would recommend for everyone to visit, or if you’ve had a negative experience on-line please let Grandma SN know so that website may be added to her list of websites you may want to avoid by clicking here: Contact us.  Once at least 75 people express delight or concerns with that site, it will be added to the appropriate list.