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When you have finished reviewing what sites offer adults something worthwhile to do on-line click here: Grandma SN’s Safety Tips to see what else Grandma SN has to say, or click here: Contact us to leave your recommendations or complaints about what you’ve seen on the web.  You never know how grateful another adult may be to discover there’s something else to do on-line other than e-mail or watch videos. Start by reviewing the websites listed below, then click on the light blue hyperlink to visit the actual website.



All Groan Up:

Includes inspiration. hilarity and advice for thriving in your twenties all for free. Tailored more r


A great website for adults interested in style, do it yourself projects, home keeping, family, weddings, renovating, shopping, entertaining and more for the apartment dweller.


A great website for almost everybody.  It has thousands of titles to choose from, and will actually read the book to you when you are too tired to read it yourself.


Background Burner:

For those without serious Photoshop skills, Background Burner does a surprisingly good job of removing background images from photos. You just pick the image you want, and the site automatically figures out what’s in the foreground, presenting a few different levels of background removal to choose from. It’s great for joining the latest Photoshop battle even if you can’t wield a lasso tool.

Best of everything after 50:

A great website with information about embracing who you are after 50.  Covers a variety of topics many people over 50 may find interest in.

Bizdoks: www.bizdoks,com

The Best document processing website online. Start abusiness and keep it going by getting any document prepared you need for its continuation.


The best business directory online. Find contractors to perform any project you have in mind. Good for businesses as well as private individuals.



Catholic Church:

The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church, is the largest Christian church, with more than 1.25 billion members worldwide. One of the oldest religious institutions in the world, it has played a prominent role in the history of Western civilization.


An S&P 500 provider of Internet, TV and voice.  Headquartered in Monroe Louisiana and is included on the Fortune 500 list of America’s largest corporations.  This is a site offering product and/or service sales rather than information for home and business.  This URL will take you to their page for home use of their products.

Common Sense:

Though this website makes many of its recommendations on age appropriate media for kids, it is best used by adults for hints on what they might recommend for younger members of the family.



 Disney will always be among the top websites for families.  Their website includes links to stores, travel information to their amusement parks, information on videos, movies books and a lot more.  Their websites and blogs win so many awards they only thing Grandma SN can suggest is for you to pay them a visit.


Eco kids:

This is a Canadian website however it offers kids great suggestions for playing outdoors and more.  The same concepts might be used in the United States or anywhere, especially in northern states where the climate is similar to Canada.




An all-questions-answered primer for the newly pregnant and the newly parenting, with eco-friendly undertones.  it includes a registry for gifts and more.


How to

A great website/directory to websites on how to learn anything.  It not only includes websites for parents to direct their kids to brush up on their school work, but it includes topics many adults may find interest in.  This site has been judged by Grandma SN to be more useful for adults who may still have small children at home than for seniors, who may live in an empty nest.  But seniors may find it useful too.


I waste so much time dot com:

The website name says it all, but it understates just how compelling the content is.  Though recommended for adults there is much here for everyone.


Jehovah’s Witnesses:

Jehovah’s Witnesses come from hundreds of ethnic and language backgrounds, yet we are united by common goals. Above all, we want to honor Jehovah, the God of the Bible and the Creator of all things. We do our best to imitate Jesus Christ and are proud to be called Christians. Each of us regularly spends time helping people learn about the Bible and God’s Kingdom. Because we witness, or talk, about Jehovah God and his Kingdom, we are known as Jehovah’s Witnesses.



Love to

A website that lists advice on beauty and fashion, health, entertainment, home and garden, technology money and lifestyle and more.


Mormon Church:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the official name of the religion commonly called the Mormon Church. It was established April 6, 1830 by Joseph Smith, the first president of the Church. Mormons believe he was called by God to be a prophet in the modern era, like Moses and Abraham in biblical times.   From the original six members in 1830, the Church of Jesus Christ has grown to a membership of nearly 14 million on six continents.   Learn if this is the church You should be visiting with your family.  They will even send missionaries to you to help you make that decision.


New Business Survival:

A blog offering a great downloadable book on how to get money you don’t have to pay back, write a business plan, open a new small business and survive the first five years.



For senior citizens to whom classic radio is still a fond memory and it includes Adventure, children, Comedy, Compilation, Detective, Drama, Gossip, Historical, Holiday ,Music ,Mystery, Horror, News,  Personality, Quiz, Rare, Religious, Sci Fi, Serials, Soap Operas, South African, Sports, Westerns, WWII and much more.





Saafenet: Government Contractors Business Consultants Https://

Saafenet offers those trying to get into government contracting the opportunity to have a website developed, and their company information entered into30 directories to help promote their businesses. Once the promotional phase is complete the company will have proposals prepared for them in an attempt to win government contracts.

Sploid: News from the Future: 

Sploid is a bizarre news and lifestyle interest blog that features astonishing science and nature.  Watch video footage of surreal weather anomalies, gravity-defying human achievements, and incredible gadgets and scientific wonders.  Sploid is absolutely a mesmerizing visual experience!

Staples Small Business Network:

STAPLES: Small Business Network is a vibrant community of professionals and leaders from many industries working to help each other to succeed in small business. This group facilitates helpful and thought-provoking conversations about all things small business and more.


A great website that offers downloadable apps to remind you to exercise.  Though it started out for adults, it now offers a sworkit for kids.



An electronic copy of the extremely popular time magazine.  Great for anyone who just wants to know what’s going on in the world.

Today’s Parent:

A great website that offers parents many websites they can recommend to their children from firs to seventh grade ages.






You Tube:

YouTube is a video-sharing website where an adult may watch films of every type.  Some videos may not be suitable for small children.  It is headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion


Zerg Net:

Somewhat SFW: This enthusiasts’ site is dedicated largely to science fiction and fantasy fans, but has tremendous appeal for people of all tastes. The Top 10 Life-Changing Movies, the Best Movies that Could Become Real, the Top Freak-Out Gamers of All Time: you’re bound to find these news pieces and behind-the-scenes stories interesting. Be warned: there is some sexual content in these Zerg Net pages, so be careful about surfing this site.

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group of cute african american college students using tablet computer on campus

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